Questions and Answers from our Principal

Dr. Davis was kind enough to answer a few questions that I’ve been asked quite frequently over the past couple of weeks. Dr. Davis has an open door policy and encourages parents with questions to contact her. She can be reached at 405-587-5426.

Catherine Armitage
PTSA President-Elect
Monday, November 25, 2013

Q. When will the Student Parking Lot be ready?

A. The Parking Lot is part of MAPs. It is being poured this week. There was a slight delay as OGE discovered some gas lines that must be moved. By Christmas ½ the lot should be operable.

Q. Will Classen have a 6th grade in 2014-15? When will applications be available? What about transfers?

A. Classen SAS was notified by OKCPS district administration in October, 2013 that our 6th grade would be eliminated in the 2014-15 school year. I have submitted a request to the school board asking that Classen SAS be allowed retain the students 6th grade. Applications to Classen SAS have been delayed until January, 2014 pending the OKCPS decision on my request. No out of district transfers will be accepted to Classen SAS.

Q. What is happening with the Friday schedule?

A. This is an internal change that was implemented 3 weeks ago. The goal is to give teachers time to share best practices and align their curriculum. Each Friday, every class is truncated by 20 minutes and at the end of the day students return to their 1A classroom (homeroom). Students are familiar with Homeroom, as this classroom is our emergency point of contact.

After Thanksgiving we will discuss as a staff the best way for study hall to accomplish faculty and student goals. We hope students will use this time to get help from teachers after they check in with their homeroom. We are also considering using this time block for Assemblies. This would allow all students to attend peer performances without missing class.

Next year, the master schedule will be structured allow our teachers to meet with their peers. We are continuously assessing the success of study hall at Classen through May, 2013. Classen SAS administration, in conjunction with teaching staff, will make a decision about study hall for 2013-14 before new school year commences in August. Many students, as well as faculty and staff, feel there is a benefit from study hall as a time to do homework and seek help.

Q. Do Current Classen SAS Students have to re-apply?
A. At this point, re-application is just an internal discussion and would not apply to current students. All students are considered internal transfers and each student may be re-evaluated under certain circumstances. Re-evaluation is described in detail on page 19 of the OKCPS Student/Parent 2013-14 Handbook.

Q. Are Adjunct Teachers being eliminated?
A. Teachers are a personnel issue. I have no information on this rumor. The OKCPS Administration sets the allocation formula that is subject to Oklahoma State Law.

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