Classen Volunteers at Work (CVW)

WHO = all seniors who have earned more than the required number of volunteer hours for their specific programs:
IB = 150 CAS hours, from August of junior year until March 31 of senior year
NHS = 25 hours per semester of membership in NHS (grades 10-12); total 100 hours;
Exception = those students who are inducted their senior year will be
required to have 50 hours by March 31, and may count activities from
10th and 11th grades
CVW = 150 hours (25 hours per semester, grades 10-12), designed especially for VPA students
who are not members of NHS

There will be specific forms which must be completed and signed by the project leader.
Completed and signed forms must be submitted for all programs with a two-week
period following completion of the activity.
The file boxes for 10th, 11th, and 12 grades will be in Ms Hulsey’s room, A-320
Summer activities for IB juniors count toward CVW hours

CAS and Key Club hours can count for NHS required hours.

WHAT = National Honor Society seniors who have paid their dues by January 1, and who have completed the required number of volunteer hours will be eligible to wear the NHS stole at
All seniors who have met the CVW requirement will be eligible to wear the Honor Cord at graduation.
DUES= NHS dues are $15 per year, and will determine who is a member in good standing. In order for juniors to run for NHS offices, they must have paid their dues by March 1 of that year. In order for sophomore and junior members to vote on officers, they must have paid their dues by March 1 of that year.
NHS members are noted in the graduation program as members of good standing, as well as wearing the NHS stole.
CVW students will be noted in the graduation program.
NHS requirements for induction = a 3.5 unweighted grade point average for two consecutive semesters. Inductions will be held once a year.
We will hold monthly meetings of the general membership, but twice-monthly meetings of the officers. Opportunities for earning service hours will be posted on the bulletin board outside Ms Hulsey’s room, A-320, and in the lighted display boxes outside Mrs. Barmann’s room. The Community Service Liaison will notify and organize student volunteer programs, such as the one this year at Thelma R. Parks’ Elementary School. We will also publish in the Classen Blast upcoming volunteer opportunities.
What determines if an activity is eligible?
A. Students cannot be paid for their efforts;
B. Students cannot receive a grade for their efforts;
C. The activities must be documented;
D. A one-page reflective essay on one activity is required;
E. Keeping a journal or photo account on one activity is required;
F. Sheets must be turned in within two weeks of the activity, with appropriate documentation and project leader’s signatures.

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