ClassenSAS Communications Update July 2013

The Classen SAS Communications Committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday July 23, 2013. This is a twenty minute audio podcast, by committee chair Wes Fryer, summarizing the main things discussed at the meeting. If you have questions, please add them as comments to this post. Items on the agenda for this meeting included news about the vacant ClassenSAS head principal position, updates about Camp Comet, the new uniform policy, the PTSA directory, student testing, social media coverage of OKCPS board meetings, calendars, and communication committee goals for 2013-2014. Referenced links are included below in the podcast shownotes.

Podcast Shownotes:

  1. ClassenSAS Communications Committee Meeting Notes (Google Doc)
  2. OKCPS Jobs Website (ClassenSAS principal is posted as job #0000634827)
  3. ClassenSAS Uniform Policy (new for 2013-2014)
  4. Mailchimp (free email mailing lists when less than 2000 subscribers)
  5. OKCPS Foundation on Twitter: @FoundationOKCPS
  6. OKCPS Foundation on Ustream (live coverage of board meetings)
  7. Storify Twitter Recaps of OKCPS Board Meetings (by the OKCPS Foundation)
  8. ClassenSAS Communication Links (PDF)
  9. Official ClassenSAS school website


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