Special OKCPS Board Meeting Called for Tues May 28

A special meeting of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board has been called for Tuesday, May 28, 2013. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm at the OKCPS Administration Building Auditorium at 900 North Klein Avenue. The meeting agenda is available on the district’s BoardDocs website, and also as a PDF file.

Three items on the agenda for this special meeting are of particular interest to the ClassenSAS community:

4.02 15 ­Minute Period for Remarks to the Board from Representatives of Prospective Classen SAS Out of District Transfer Students

A 15­ minute period will be allotted for remarks to the Board from representatives of prospective Classen School of Advanced Studies out of district transfer students.

5. Executive Session

B ­ Discussion with the District’s Legal Counsel on the Board’s denial (at the May 6, 2013, regular meeting) of out of district transfers into Classen SAS and the potential for litigation resulting from the same, pursuant to O.S. 25 §307 (B)(4)

6.03 Discussion, and Possible Action, Regarding the OKC Public School Board’s Denial of Out of District Transfers into Classen SAS, (at the May 6, 2013, regular meeting) pursuant to O.S. 25 §307 (B)(4)

All current and prospective ClassenSAS students and parents are encouraged to contact their respective board representatives in advance of this meeting, and attend this meeting. It does not appear, from the published agenda, that a time for public comment will be allotted.

The Orientation Meeting for incoming 6th grade students at ClassenSAS is scheduled for the same evening. That meeting will start at 6 pm in the ClassenSAS auditorium. Members of the ClassenSAS Communications Committee will video record that meeting and subsequently post the recorded video online, so parents and others not able to attend can access that information. Handout links and slides will also be posted.


Here are the email addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook pages (if available) for current OKCPS board members:

Lynne Hardin
lhardin [at] okcps [dot] org

Bob Hammack
rehammack [at] okcps [dot] org

Justin Ellis
jsellis [at] okcps [dot] org

Phil Horning
pfhorning [at] okcps [dot] org
pfhorning [at] aol [dot] com

Laura Massenat
lamassenat [at] okcps [dot] org

Ruth Veales
rrveales [at] okcps [dot] org

Jay Means
fjmeans [at] okcps [dot] org

Ron Millican
millicanokc [at] yahoo [dot] com

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