Speech & Debate Takes 2nd at Putnam City North

Congrats to the Classen SAS speech team for outstanding performances at this weekend’s speech and debate tournament at Punam City North High School. Because of the combined performance of our students, ClassenSAS took 2nd Place in Sweepstakes. (This is the overall award for 5A school performance at the tournament.) The following students placed in the Putnam City North Speech Tournament:

2nd Place, Foreign Extemp
Rachel Tran

3rd Place, Foreign Extemp
Fahina Chowdhury

Both Rachel and Fahina qualified for the regional tournament in Foreign Extemp. Phu Tran placed 4th and also qualified for regionals in Foreign Extemp.

1st Domestic Extemp
Miranda Pursley

Miranda qualified for the regional tournament in Domestic Extemp. Paula Tran finished 4th and also qualified for regionals.

1st Place, Poetry
Angelica Brooks

3rd Monologue
Evangelinn Rook

Angelica qualified for the regional tournament in both Poetry and Evangelinn qualified in Monologue.

1st Place, in Qualifying Cross-Examination Debate
Rachel Watson and Alexander Fryer

4th Place, in Qualifying Cross-Examination Debate
Carter Anderson and Paula Tran

3rd Place, Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Rachel Tran

2nd Place, Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Miranda Pursley

1st Place, Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Fahina Chowdhury

Top Speaker Award, Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Fahina Chowdhury

Fahina, Miranda and Rachel swept the event, taking the top three spots. All three qualified for regionals in LD debate.

3rd Place, Prose
Destiny Washington

1st Place, Prose
Jackson Gable

Both Destiny and Jackson qualified for regionals in Prose.

Special thanks to parents Christy Waller, Stacy Brown-Wiebelt, Haydn Weselek, Michelle Roselle, and Wesley Fryer who judged during the tournament for Classen. Thanks to Bryan Lynch, Timothy Willett, and Paulina Thompson for also judging for our team at this tournament. Timothy and Paulina are OCU law students, and Bryan is at student at OU.

Thanks to ClassenSAS teachers Mr Wells, Mr Morgan, and Dr Warner for helping judge at the tournament. ClassenSAS student teacher, Allyson Caldwell, also helped judge.

Our ClassenSAS debate team is coached by Londa Madron and the speech / individual events students are coached by Terry Veal.


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