These are the contribution guidelines for our website. All submissions are moderated by members of the PTSA Public Relations Committee. These are draft guidelines and will be further updated soon.

  1. BE AWARE: By submitting content to or the ClassenSAS News Blast, you are giving permission for the information / media you submit to be publicly posted online.
  2. PARENT PERMISSION: Submitters under 18 must obtain parental permission before posting personal information.
  3. Submitted content must be related to academic or extra-curricular activities at ClassenSAS. (Classified ads for your garage sale won’t be accepted and shouldn’t be submitted.)
  4. Submitters must provide their first name, last name, email address, and cell phone number for contact in the event further information is needed about a submission.
  5. By submitting content including images, submitters certify they obtained permission to photograph and share photographs of individuals included in images.
  6. All content must be appropriate (not objectionable) for publication on an official school website.
If you agree to these contribution guidelines, proceed to our contribution form.

 Last updated 11 Oct 2012

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