VPA Information Night Audio & Notes

These are notes taken by Wesley Fryer on November 13, 2014, at the ClassenSAS VPA Information Night. An audio recording of this presentation (posted to SoundCloud) is also available. A similar IB Information Night is scheduled for next week on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm. Please come early for the PTA general meeting at 6 pm! (Update Nov 22: Notes & recorded audio from the IB Info Night are also available!)

First presenter of the night: Mrs. Draper
– some of the questions were fielded by Dr Ashley Davis, ClassenSAS Principal

Mrs Trisha Draper is the ClassenSAS VPA High School Counselor
– graduation requirements are listed in OKCPS handbook
– there are multiple ways to earn a high school diploma
– ClassenSAS follows College prep guidelines with more tweaking
– we like kids to follow 4×4 (4 years of core classes)
– academics of VPA students are rigorous at ClassenSAS as well

English: 4 years
Math: 4 years
Technology: 1 year required
– if they don’t take foreign language, they must take 2 years
– or students can do 2 years of foreign language and 1 of technology
– OLAP requires…
4 years social studies
4 years science
2 years fine arts
1 year PE
Personal and Financial Literacy requirement is met in their technology class

Must pass 4 of 7 EOIs, students must pass:
– Algebra I
– English II
– and 2 of the remaining EOIs (English 3, Geometry, US History, Algebra 2, Biology)

Kids take PLAN test their 10th grade year, some scores can be substituted
– same for PSAT

Some of our kids score so high on PSAT or ACT they become entirely exempt for EOI
– by law students must take all EOI exams (all 7) unless they get this ACT/PSAT score-based exemption
– levels required for EOI exemption are different for every subject, can get this information to you, the state publishes that information (it’s a 3 page document)

These are all just the high school requirements, starting in 9th grade
– foreign language taken before high school does not count toward graduation (unsure about this, will send out more information)
– 6th grade courses never count
– some 7th and 8th grade classes count for graduation requirement, but the grades there do not count toward high school GPA

1 of the math courses they must take can be a concurrent enrollment

PSAT is taken at grade 10 for the first time, also administered to grade 11

ACT doesn’t have a limit of how early you can take it, we recommend students wait till their 10th grade year to take it

Musical Theater DOES count as a PE credit

IB courses are open to IB majors first to ensure they meet requirements, then to VPA students
Same for VPA courses for VPA students

Current AP courses listed:
AP Lit comp

Reason to take AP: increase the rigor of the course more
– looks good on student records going to apply for colleges
– if students score a 3 or higher on AP exams they can generally get college credit (how much credit differs by college/university)

Kids call AP (“A Push”)
– at UCO for example, AP credit for US History can give college credit for 2 courses
– AP Bio score of 3 at UCO gives credit for “General Biology”
– at OU a score of 4 gives credit for 2 science courses
– students are eligible for credit if they get a score of “3”
– colleges don’t give grades for AP credit

Many schools require a certain number of hours from that institution before they will transcript-credit a student for AP credits
– OCCC requires 4 courses or 12 hours first, as an example

AP and IB courses will absolutely prepare your students better for college
– some colleges that don’t give credit for AP courses also tell students “You wouldn’t have gotten into our college if you hadn’t taken those AP courses”

We have a new director of AP in OKCPS
– AP courses are taken off-campus from ClassenSAS

Anyone can take an AP Test, you don’t have to take an AP Course

We have a pretty high pass rate at ClassenSAS for AP exams, we can get those actual statistics

Advanced Placement courses are specific subjects and syllabi must be approved by the College Board

We generally don’t have an honors course for a subject we have an AP course
– Honors courses are generally

AP and IB are the same level, they are college level
– IB is a program, and our kids in IB must take 6 courses and take IB tests in there
– some IB schools have a certificate program, we don’t have that here
– IB isn’t superior to AP and vice-versa, it depends on what students want to go into

Many ClassenSAS IB teachers do encourage students to take the AP test for that courses, because depending on where they go to school they may get credit through AP
– more schools offer credit for AP than for IB

AP courses are taken by students at different levels
– some 9th graders take AP courses

Official IB courses are just 11th and 12th grade
– AP courses are specific to the course
– AP US History is 10th grade, for most kids AP Biology is also 10th grade

This year we made some changes in VPA English Classes
– the curriculum starts to change in AP English versus IB English
– one is not superior to the other academically

Parents are always welcome to make appointments to discuss enrollment questions or any other issues!
– we are re-vamping our enrollment sheets this year

Mrs Draper shared page of helpful college links to students earlier this year
– Fastweb.com
– specifically for Oklahoma: Oklahoma City Community Foundations website (they administer 120 different scholarship programs)
OCCC website has a good questionnaire to identify scholarships for which a student is eligible, does require some financial information from parents
OKcollegestart.org also has good links
– NEVER pay a scholarship website to get scholarship information (that information is available free and you should not be charged)
– Mrs. Shuline has a huge file in the counselor’s office with scholarship opportunities

We will get those emailed out to Angi and parents too

Many universities also have websites for this, to identify which scholarships a student is eligible for

After year 4 or 5, students generally take AP courses and can take AP exams

Some colleges require you to have your application in earlier (like in February rather than May) if you want to be considered for scholarships

Do the FAPSA as soon as you can after your taxes are filed
– the sooner you send that to the college of your choice, the better chance you have for many universities to receive scholarships

OKCPS offsets the cost of AP exams, normal cost is around $90 but OKCPS students pay around $20 each

We are working on a “credit sheet” for different majors at ClassenSAS now

We are offering 3 concurrent classes with OCCC this year, students must be 11th grade to enroll
This fall:
– College algebra
– art appreciation
– Amercian Federal Government

– Biology with a lab
– Intro to Psychology
– College Algebra

Mrs. Draper is doing “coffee chats” with students, flyers are shared all over the school
– these are opportunities to learn about things students need to do for college prep

Second speaker tonight:

Matthew Cancio
Admissions and Outreach Advisor

Concurrent enrollment: students take it on-campus but get credit both for college and for high school
– as long as students earn a C or higher, they get that course on their transcript at OCCC
– students don’t have to pass a test like an EOI or AP course for that credit
– those courses usually transfer directly to other public universities
– these are all considered “core courses” for any bachelor’s degree

Very first time students can take concurrent classes: summer after sophomore year, when students are high school juniors
– OCCC looks at different factors to get students into the program and into a class
– need to look at unweighted high school GPA and composite ACT score
– need 3.5 unweighted GPA or 21 composite ACT

After students are into the program
– must look at ACT sub-score to see if students are eligible to take that course

Important to recognize this is a 2 step process
– as an example, students must have at least a 19 in the ACT Math to take college algebra as 11th graders
– this changes for high school seniors: requirements are 3.0 GPA and 19 ACT composite (to get into the program, same issues still apply looking at ACT sub-scores for each class)

How this is tied into a specific high school varies considerably

Cost: As a high school junior, OCCC pays for tuition, for seniors state of Oklahoma pays
– fees and books are not covered
normal course fees are $108 per credit hour, or $324 per 3 hour course
– with OCCC or State of Oklahoma paying tuition: makes out of pocket about $75 per course for most Oklahoma students but ClassenSAS students just pay $50 per course

I can provide you with ISBN for textbook of any course your students
– we don’t have any students leaving campus currently to take concurrent courses

Concurrent approval form is first thing you need to be aware of, it’s for parent, student and school counselor to all “be aware”
– this includes a tricky formula given to us by the state regents, means a student can only ever be in 19 credit hours of courses per year when you combine high school and college

ClassenSAS is strange because we have 8 courses and times, we have to give students an “open hour”
– an open time to have study
– basically a study hall
– we will have this in the schedule next year, next year we will actually have a room which is a ‘study hall’
– some students have an open hour now

Also have registration forms for each course
– new students also must submit an official high school transcript
– application for vaccination is all online

Oklahoma City online school (iOKCPS) is mainly for credit recovery
– students can also take courses if something won’t work in their schedule
– the district only gets so many slots, most of those go for credit recovery

We here 4 schools in 1 here
– Middle School
– IB high school
– VPA high school

Associates Degree is protected by law with Oklahoma State universities to recognize
– higher level math courses, natural sciences courses, those are the ones sometimes a college won’t transfer
– depends on the college / university

Students are permitted to audit a course for OCCC
– still pay fees, this is rare
– don’t take tests or get credit, not transcripted

We have many ClassenSAS students going to OCCC
DelCity has the “Ticket to Rose” program
OCCC has “OKC Go 2.0” it is revised (must maintain 2.0 GPA and must take at least 6 hours in each major semester)
– only to OKCPS and Western Heights
– any graduate of ClassenSAS are guaranteed to tuition and fees up to an Associates Degree or 95 hours (60-65 hours is a normal Associates Degree)
– not academically based, must be graduating from OCCC
– must go to OCCC first that is an accredited college
– FASIV (Pell Grant), OLAP, and OCCC collaboration – not based on financial need, don’t have to be in OLAP
– federally funded program
– must be first stop after high school, program cuts off if student attends another accredited university
– enrollment must be within a year of high school graduation



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