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Classen’s Chapter of National Honor Society

QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: sophomores, juniors, and seniors who earned an unweighted gradepoint average for the previous two consecutive semesters are eligible for induction into NHS. There will be one induction ceremony each year.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERS: To be an active member, a student must pay dues of $15 per year, and perform 25 hours of community service each semester, for a total of 125 hours by graduation. For those inducted as seniors, they must have earned 50 hours by March 31, but they can count activities from sophomore and junior years. Seniors who complete all the requirements will get to wear the NHS stole at graduation, and have their names designated in the program.

FORMS: All the service forms are in Ms Hulsey’s room, A-320. Students should pick up the forms, fill them out, and have the project leader sign for the hours. Then, the student should return the completed form to the file drawer in A-320—each file drawer is marked by grade and there will be a file folder in the drawer with the student’s name on it. Periodically, Ms Hulsey will check the forms and record the number of hours on an evaluation sheet.

The same volunteer hours can count for NHS, IB’s required CAS, Key Club, etc.

For NHS members who serve 100 hours over the required number of hours, there is a new program, CVW (see information), that earns the wearing of an honor cord and being noted in the graduation program.

2 thoughts on “NHS news

  1. How and when are students inducted into the National Honor Society? Do you apply or are you invited?

    Thank you.

  2. I’ll ask 1 of my kids in NHS to reply to this because they will be able to do a better job than I can. From what I know, students do apply, and the induction ceremony is held in the school auditorium. I’m thinking it was early in the 2nd semester but I’m not positive.

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