Classen Piano Sweeps Breckenridge Memorial Piano Competition

Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Department of Music hosted its annual James Breckenridge Memorial Piano Competition on Saturday, March 3. The competition is open to grades K-12. The competition consists of three rounds. The first round is open to all students who entered but to make it to the next round you must receive a 1+ rating. In the second round only the top five competitors are chosen to move on to the final round. In the final round all participants from every division play for an audience and three judges. Four Classen students entered the senior division, Lynn Bui, Melissa Canazales, Dustin Hoang, and Cori Petty. All made a 1+ and went on to the second round and three of them made it to the finals. Classen did a great job and swept the completion! In first place was Cori Petty, second place was Dustin Hoang, and third place was Melissa Canazales. Congratulations Classen Piano majors!

Classen Piano SWOSU contest

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