Band Updates from Mr. Irons

These are notes from Mr. Iron’s 7 pm parent meeting on September 20, 2012, about the ClassenSAS Band.

Remember to remind your band students to fill out their practice cards each week for beginning, Intermediate, and advanced band students each week!

My teacher website is:
– I update this regularly with announcements and calendar updates
– Please check it often

Blue and Gold meat orders will arrive next Wednesday, September 26th
– scheduled to arrive 1:30, Mr Irons will stay till 5:30 pm
– Please come pick up the food your band students have sold! There is not enough room

Cell: (shared with parents at the meeting)
rdirons [at] okcps [dot] org

We need brown paper grocery sacks for the meat orders! Please send these to school with your students.

Band Council members are assisting with band decisions
– recently decided on tshirts and sweatshirts for our Classen Band
– voted not to do hoodies this year
– Our kids voted to sell rubber bracelets later in the year

VP is Katie Newson

High school students wear black top, pants and black socks/shoes
Middle school students wear white tops and black pants / black socks/shoes

Dec 6 at 7 pm will be our winter concert
– 4 bands will play
– audience members are encouraged to stay at least for the first half of the program (the first three bands)
– we want to encourage students to stay in band and learn to play more advanced music
– we also want to support all our students!
– we do not charge admission, we want as many people as possible to attend!

We will have a reception this year after the concert
– parents are invited to bring a dessert to share
– some of our parents will help coordinate this

– entries have been submitted
– these are honor bands for students who really want to show how well they can play
– it’s very competitive
– this is something students can put on a resume
– Auditions will take place at Edmond Santa Fe HS on Saturday, November 3rd
– There is a second round for All-State participants. It will be at Westmore HS in Moore on Saturday, December 1st. See and for more information
– private instruction is really important to prepare for this, the music is very challenging
– must be in grade 10, 11 or 12 to participate in all state

All-State Jazz Band audition will be Saturday, November 17th at Midwest City HS

All-City Honor Band audition will be Saturday, November 10th at John Marshall HS. No cost to students to audition
– these are all students from OKCPS
– Grant, Douglas, John Marshall, and Harding Charter will participate this year
– all band members 7th grade through 12th grade are required to participate, 6th graders can also play for it, we’ve had 6th graders make it in the past
– students should be receiving the music for this next week

My student teacher, Mr Herndon, is a trumpet player from OCU
– he’ll be helping direct in our winter concert

For private lessons, contact Mr. Osborn and Mr. Herndon
– Mr. Osborn comes Thurs during 2nd and 4th hour, and on Mondays during 3rd hour (he works at 4 elementary schools, because of our band schedule change this year he is not able to stay after school like last year)

I would love to have a part-time adjunct teacher to help with our brass, but at this point that is not possible

Jazz Band performance is scheduled for the Southern Oaks Library Grand opening: Tuesday, September 25th
– 6900 South Walker
– 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
– meet at 5:15 pm at the library

Jazz Band has been invited to the first performance of the OKC Jazz Orchestra on Monday, Sept 24th at 7 pm
– at the Petroleum Club
– meal is $20 per plate
– special arrangements have been made for our students
– if you are interested in going as a chaperone contact Mr Irons, there may be two more seats available
– we will meet at the Band Hall at 5:30 pm and go eat first, will then head to the Petroleum Club

October 1st: UCO Jazz Lab Concert
– concert starts at 7 pm
– you need to call quick if you want tickets
– our students can get a discounted $5 ticket

Basketball games
– schedule TBA
– dress is band t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes
– students will be asked to meet in the band room by 6:30 pm, Games usually end around 9 pm
– this is for high school students, and advanced band students are also invited to participate
– our fight song is “On Wisconsin”
– all songs we play are memorized
– our classroom computers have “Finale” software and I encourage our students to both compose and arrange pieces for our band

We plan to take our high school band members and advanced band members to San Antonio the first week of June, we’ll leave on Thursday
– We will play some concerts there, and also visit the Alamo, Six Flags

Will take middle school band members to Six Flags in Dallas the 1st or 2nd Saturday of May

We do raise money during the year to help students with these trips if scholarships/assistance is needed

Arturo Sandoval will be coming to Rose State, student tickets are available for $10, this is an exceptional deal
– great trumpet player, world class! He plays classical as well as jazz
– Sunday Oct 7th at 7:30 pm
– more info on

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